Mapbox Label Rendering Issue

We are running into a graphical error when using the TMSFNCMapBox VCL component on some computers. All the text labels for the map are bunched up in a single line. This includes all labels within the map, like street names, etc. It also applies to any custom symbol layers added to any style as well.

We initially attributed this to a Mapbox GL JS, but during our testing, we discovered that loading some html into a TAdvBrowser that had a mapbox map defined through pure javascript worked. So we though we might ask the dev team and community if they encountered this issue before.

The computers we have mostly noticed this issue is on have integrated Intel HD Graphics, like 4400 or 4600 series. We are using Delphi 10.3 Rio and we have v3.0.7.3 of FNC Maps.

Example of Issue on Windows 7 - Intel HD Graphics


According to mapbox-gl-js/ at main · mapbox/mapbox-gl-js · GitHub v1.8.1 fixes this issue. We are currently using v1.8.0. In VCL.TMSFNCMaps.MapBox, the following const should allow you to change this.


We'll bump up the version to v2.11.0 which is currently the latest version.

Brilliant, thank you for finding this. It is ok to change this to v2.11.0 now? Not sure if there were any breaking changes using our current version of FNC Maps.

You can change it to v1.8.1 which should fix the issue. We'll do some more testing with v2.11.0 and integrate it as a property instead (TMSFNCMapBox1.Options.Version)

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