Feature Request: Reimport specific tables

We have multiple teams here.   Sometimes we share the same schema as such we may have changes that are not made through the Data Modeler.    

So it would be nice to be able to reimport a table/object to refresh after the diagram has been created.

Also it would be nice to be able to support multiple schemas.   We have 1000's of tables over many schemas.   Sometimes we have FK betwen these tables and sometimes they are standalone
regardless we want to import them into the modeling surface.

Hi Robert, yes, we already have this refresh-table request in our back log. We will implement it eventually.

How do users continue using the Data Modeler after a database change?  I know that the dictionary the Data Modeler generates can be edited by hand, but doesn't this make the *.dgp file unusable after database changes?  Is there a suggested work-around for this?

You can reimport the database. The idea is that you always change Data Modeler project and then apply the changes to the database. Why would you change the database directly if you are using the Data Modeler as the db modelling tool?