Updates with functionality

Hi Pieter,

I was wondering why it's so silent with new functionaities and
updates for the ICL package ?

When i look at the DPF components, that guy offers his components
for free, with weekly updates and new functionalities, while he is alone
without a team behind him as TMS has.

Any clue when more functionalities and updates are comming from TMS for iCL ?

Would love to see Bluetooth (BLE) and native map routing become available.

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Perhaps this is because the previous release is not even 2 weeks old and contained a big new rich editor component.

Perhaps this is because we've been working hard on another big new component for iCL that is around the corner.
Perhaps this is because we care about code quality and a decent class architecture that respects Delphi's RAD design philosophy combined with sufficient extensibility.
Perhaps this is because we care about offering documentation, samples, an installer.
Perhaps this is because we allocate a significant amount of time for providing support and help our customers with integrating the components in an optimal way in their applications.
Perhaps this is because we also take Mac OS-X in consideration and try to offer interface compatibility in account between iCL and mCL components.
Perhaps this is because we don't throw out every single line of code we write.
Perhaps this is because we give priority to quality rather than quantity.
Hello Bruno,

Obviously you didn't took the time to look into the DPF project, caus if you did,
you wouldn't responded the way you did now.

I've been working with DPF for some time now and they are rock solid, and in
the rare occasion that there is a bug, it's ussually fixed the same day. Same
story for support questions.

And talking about examples, they got more then 80 exstensive demo's for all kinds
of things, while i'm  still searching for the "'Face Recognition" demo of TMS.

And sorry to say, what do i have to do with taking Mac OSX in consideration ?
I bought the iCL for iOS, not for mCL.

I wish you would throw out every single line of code you wrote, so me as a
customer wouldn't get the feeling that TMS is stretching to release functionality,
so it can go thru cycle 1.x to 2.x and charge me again as a customer, without
having the feeling 'value for money'.

TMS jumps from v1.2 to v1.5 and v1.6 to v1.8. Where was v1.3, v1.4 and v1.7 ?

That way it goes (too) fast.

Simple things like an indicator, which is pure basic and everyone uses, is still not here.
I would give prioritry to such things then a Rich editor which not many people would use,
at least not me.

With kind regards,


No, we focus on OUR work and we don't "peak" at others code.

The release cycles follow well defined rules just as any other TMS component.
We develop components you can trust on and will have support for today, next year, within 5 years and within 10 years etc... We are not an open source project that gets abandoned when someone feels bored and moves to the next open source pet project.
We got A LOT of requests for a rich text editor, so please don't try to judge for us what we should give priority to. 


I'm not judging you, but you have to admit that some basic functionalities
such as an indicator should have been released earlier on. That is something
that everyone can use.

But lets stop this discussion, i've made my point.

I presume that there isn;t a Face Recognition demo available yet ? Or
am i looking in the wrong folders ?

With kind regards,



The TMSFMXNativeUIActivityIndicatorView component will be available in the next release. It has been added to the package previous friday but is waiting release on a new component that requires some more work.

There is no demo available for face recognition. You can simply call ShowFaces or DetectFaces on an existing image. More information can be found in the documentation.

Kind Regards, 

Hi Pieter,

Thanks for your reply.

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