Using iCL with the mobile templates

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Maybe I'm approaching this in the wrong way but I can't seem to find a way to use the iCL with the standard templates.

e.g. I want to use the iCL with the Tabbed Application (or Header/Footer navigation) templates.  The iCL components simply do not appear when used with these templates (When a TTabControl is the parent).  They do appear when dropped on the base form.

The reason I need to use the standard Navigation template is that I need a bit more flexibility with navigation than what the iCL TableView offers me such as putting extra buttons on the Toolbar.  I couldn't see a way to do this with iCL.

Can you let me know where I'm going wrong with this?  



The standard mobile templates are created with FireMonkey controls and are not native iOS Controls. The standard templates are actually not from TMS, they have been added by Embarcadero. 

The TMS iCL package is a package that provides access to 100% real and native iOS controls, they are not compatible with FireMonkey controls such as a TTabControl. for example: the parent of a TTMSFMXNativeUIButton can be a TTMSFMXNativeUIView or the main form. Unfortunately we haven't put in a TabBarController or a SplitViewController since we haven't yet been able to get them working.

We are currently investigating this and will hopefully find a solution to this issue.
Then we can also provide some TMS Mobile application templates in order to get this working.

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Hello Pïeter,

thank you for your reply! How will we be informed, when the annotations will be available. Do you have any timeframe on this?

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Oops, should have been in the other thread ;-)


the annotations are currently being tested, and will be available in the next release.
We cannot give a specific timeframe as the development depends on other work, so if we say next week and the release need to be postphoned then we would have disappointed customers.

I can say however that we are very close.

Hoping for your understanding.

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