FMX demos


Can we get a demo of the UReadingFiles as a FMX Firemonkey HD for running in OSX for Mac please.



Yes of course:

You know, I don't think we will be doing all the demos in Firemonkey, because they add a lot of overhead, and mostly are the same as the VCL ones. 

FlexCel will have about 50 demos when we finish porting them, then if all the demos are also in C++, Delphi and FM, we are speaking of 150 demos. When we add new compilers, XE3, XE4, etc, then you easily get to an unmanageable number of demos, that we should test in different machines, XP, win7, win8, osx. That's why I think most demos will be for Delphi C++ VCL only.

In this particular case also, I have to use stock components, that is, the stock FM grid. And it is quite limited. You might probably have access to a better grid, either from a third party of from yourself. so the demos aren't that useful, as you might have to port them anyway.

But well, you can get it now, and we will be shipping it with next version too.


Thanks Adrian,
I am finding the firemonkey controls limiting after being spoilt by the excellent TMS VCL controls I have been using.
I do hope you will be able to get a grid viewer working for VCL and OSX which will keep the xls view.

Thanks for your hard work and continued help and support.

Indeed, the FM controls at the moment feel very limiting :(

We are most likely doing a grid viewer for FM, but there are other things that have more priority right now, so it is still some months into the future. Right now I am hard at work with 5.1 which should be released this month, and after that we will go for rendering / exporting to pdf which can be a couple more months. In the meantime, if we get into the XE3 beta, I'd like to see what changes have been done to FM, if there are many advancements, it might make sense to make the grid for XE3. (as to not lose a lot of time recoding basic funcitonality)