Virtualization and new Browser (FNC Maps)

We are trying to use Thinfinity Virtual UI to run our legacy apps (containing mln's lines of code) on any device / WebBrowser  / as it was suggested by Embarcadero GM.
"Cybele's Thinfinity VirtualUI makes it trivial to migrate any existing VCL or FireMonkey 
native desktop application to the web. Adding one line of code to your 
Windows application, and installing the Thinfinity VirtualUI Server for deployment is all it takes. "

BTW: It works & looks very good - especially on Mac of course :-) 

I've found that new FNC Maps (and new Edge browser) is not supported by Virtual UI.
I've installed DX 10.4 yesterday - the same problem  with new TEdge Browser / not supported by Virtual UI. 
TWebBrowser works fine.

I do understand that it's not TMS / Embarcadero issue, but if you share the implementation details with Cybele (and if they decide to do this) - then everyone would benefit.

Thank you

Hi, while I understand the need for the edge browser to work together with the Thinfinity VirtualUI server tools, I'm a strong believer of writing an application that works natively instead of being rendered through a server inside a browser. With FNC and TMS WEB Core this should be possible as everything runs at the client side and doesn't require a server at all. We'll add this on our todolist, but with 10.4 released our main focus is to make sure our product range is updated and working with 10.4.    

Hi Pieter, 

I can't ask Cybele, TMS or Embarcadero to do anything. I just put my comment FYI only.

I agree that for new development we should use new tools, for example offered by TMS. 

In this case I'm talking about the system that was under development for 25 years, and has the same age as Delphi,  with 3-5 experienced engineers working  full time. 

Companies (especially now, during the crisis) don't have resources and time to replicate it quickly.

There was a plan to replicate and replace it with a web solution, written with "modern language".
It took years, $$$$$$, people, but we still have old customers that like what was created with Delphi and not going to switch. And we continue to use Delphi + 3rd party libraries, modernize the system.
If adding just one line of code gives 2nd life - why not to try? 

I'm able to run this "monster app" on Mac, spending just 1 minute, 
Because it uses the best GUI libraries available - it looks great even comparing to native Mac apps.
The only part is missing FNC Maps "diamond" :-) 

Finally, this solution was suggested by Embarcadero GM - so it means it supposed to work. 

That's my "story".


Thanks you for your input. Ofcourse, when life can be made easier, you should choose for that option especially when there is an application that uses "older" code and technologies. Rewriting would take months indeed. Anyway, if you have a smaller reproducible case or have more information about what exactly is going wrong I'm more than happy to help out getting this working, but as I already said, it will definitely not be in the next weeks as we are putting all our resources into getting things ready for 10.4.

>> Rewriting would take months indeed.

I was notified that Delphi project will be closed, and replaced with modern "web solution", very soon...
This conversation took place in ... 2014
Replicating engineering systems is quite difficult - it takes years just to understand how it works.

I have reported this issue to Cybele (TMS and DX 10.4 Edge Browsers support). Probably they will do this if interested.

When switching to FNC Maps, I keep old version of all forms, can always compile project for VirtualUI (WebBrowser) or with FNC (Edge). This is not critical.

Full support of Virtual UI will make Delphi a real "Die Hard".

Thanks again.

Thanks for your feedback!

Delphi is surrounded with a black PR + fake ratings past 20 years - when every developer should apologize first just for using Delphi.  That is wrong... 

TMS is doing a great job by inventing and developing unique tools for Pascal / Delphi developers.

FYI: Demonstrating new FNC Maps inside our system had a "Jaw dropping" effect...

That is very great and well appreciated! I acknowledge the same things actually, but we try to do our best with the tools, knowledge and experience we have, day in, day out!

Delphi / Pascal developers are competing against teams than have 10-20 more people.
That's why using powerful and unique 3rd party components ("weapon") is the only way to survive.