Unable to create release version

I created a project from scratch with VSC and can compile in debug mode. However, when switching to Run without debug still the debug version is compiled.
Then I opened the project in Delphi, switch to release version. In Delphi no problem to create the release version.

Returned back to VSC and now only release version can be created.

BTW. The following problems detected which do not effect the working of the app:
Method "HandleDoDragEnd" hides method of base type "TControl" at c:\Users\henne002.vscode\extensions\tmssoftware.tmswebcore-1.1.3816\resources\coresource\WEBLib.Controls.pas(488,29)
Method "HandleDoDragOver" hides method of base type "TControl" at c:\Users\henne002.vscode\extensions\tmssoftware.tmswebcore-1.1.3816\resources\coresource\WEBLib.Controls.pas(485,30)
Method "HandleDoDragStart" hides method of base type "TControl" at c:\Users\henne002.vscode\extensions\tmssoftware.tmswebcore-1.1.3816\resources\coresource\WEBLib.Controls.pas(484,31)

we will investigate