Unable to build IW Planner for Delphi XE

I have Delphi XE, using included IW 11, and trying to build IW Web Planner. The build is failing. It can't find "TIWBaseComponentContext."

To prepare, I
1) copied the IW11 inc file to TMSDEFS.INC.
2) Created a Delphi 2011 run time and design time package based on Delphi 2010.
3) Updated the requires clause to look for Intraweb_110_150.dcp and other dcp's.

Here is the failing code in IWWebPlanner...

   TIWBaseComponentContext = TIWBaseHTMLComponentContext;

Can you please change the code as indicated below:

   TIWComponent40Context = TIWCompContext;
   TIWBaseHTMLComponentContext = TIWCompContext;
   TIWBaseComponentContext = TIWCompContext;

   TIWBaseComponentContext = TIWBaseHTMLComponentContext;

This issue will be fixed in the next release of the TMS IntraWeb Planner.

Thank you. That worked.

Where can I download the samples? They were not in the registered product file I downloaded.

I am looking for the samples mentioned here...

Please see the ZIP file PLANDEMOS.ZIP that is in the registered version distribution ZIP.