Fatal error F2051 after VCL UI Pack installation


I am running Rio 10.3.1and installed the TMS VCL UI Pack after uninstalling the old VCL Components pack. When compiling I get an error that a unit is compiled with a different version of another unit:

[dcc64 Fataler Fehler] AdvGridWorkbook.pas(812): F2051 Unit tmsAdvGridExcel wurde mit einer unterschiedlichen Version von AdvGridWorkbook.TAdvGridWorkbook compiliert

I get this for both Win64 and Win32. Tried the following then:
  • uninstall the UI pack
  • uninstall all TMS components
  • cleanse library path from any TMS reference
  • deleted installation folders
  • install UI pack again
  • install required packages for the project (VCL Charts)
Still the same error. Someone has a hint what I can do? Thanks!


Were you using TMS Grid Filters?


In case the grid export functionality is named TMS Grid Filters, then yes, I am using that. From my "uses" clause:

... AdvGridPDFIO, AdvGridRTF, tmsAdvGridExcel, AdvPDFIO ...

TMS Grid Filters is due for an update to work together with TMS VCL UI Pack. For now it is compatible with TMS Grid Pack, TMS Component Pack.
The update with support for TMS VCL UI Pack is expected in the next few days.

Thanks, I'll wait for the update then.