Problem installing AdvGridExportFilter


I just upgraded the Delphi 10.3 and installed newest version of TMS VCL components.

When I try to install AdvStringGrid Import and Export filters I get error.

Cannot load package 'TMSVCLUIPackPkgDXE12'.  It contains unit 'AdvTypes', which is also contained in package 'TMSDXE12'

So it looks like there is a conflict between TMS VCL UI Pack and AdvStringGrid Import and Export filters.

Any advice what I can do?


If you installed TMS VCL UI Pack, you also need to obtain the latest updated TMS Grid Filters installer. This update is necessary for compatibility with the new TMS VCL UI Pack.

I have version of TMS VCL UI Pack installed first and then v2.20 of TMS Grid Filters and when Delphi is open it complains about what I wrote in the first post.

It looks like you still have TMS Component Pack installed?

Please make sure to uninstall TMS Component Pack if you have installed TMS VCL UI Pack.

Perfect, this solved the problem.  Thank you for your help


I have the componentenPack installed but not the UI Pack. But when I try to install the AdvGridExportFilters260bpl I get the message 'Package TMSVCLUIPackPkgDXE12 can not be loaded. It's include the Unit AdvTypes which is also a part of the Package TMSDXE12. What can I do?

TMS Grid Filters was updated to the successor of TMS Component Pack, i.e. TMS VCL UI Pack. So, if you use the latest version of TMS Grid Filters, please make sure to use this in combination with TMS VCL UI Pack.