TXDataWebDataset and Boolean TField

I have an Entity which has a Nullable Boolean field

FNotificationSent: Nullable<boolean>;

In the database the value is saved as 'Y'.

On my WebCore app I have the field defined in a TXDataWebDataset as a boolean (fetched at design time from the server). However when I fetch the entities from the server it is always showing as False.

Any ideas? Thanks

Any ideas?

First step is to investigate how the JSON data is being returned from the server, can you please inspect the JSON using the browser developer tools (network tab)?

Also, check the field name case, the names are case sensitive.

The data is being returned as false even though the records in the database are set to Y. Data from the Network tab:

"NotificationDate": "2023-11-14",
"NotificationId": 105,
"NotificationSent": false,

The field name is correctly cased.

Aurelius doesn't automatically convert "Y" to "True", have you implemented something specific for that? Boolean chars Aurelius take into account are "F" and "T".

Thanks, I'll track that down.

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