TWebDBLookUpComboBox initial value not displayed

I have a TWebDBLookUpComboBox, which links to a boolean field on a TXDataWebDataset. The Lookups are populated like this in the formcreate even:

HMRCAuthOfficial.LookupValues.AddPair('T', 'Authorised Official');
 HMRCAuthOfficial.LookupValues.AddPair('F', 'Not Authorised Official');

The controls Datasource is set after this. However the lookup value doesn't display the current value. You can select the value you want and this is saved back to the dataset.

I have another TWebDBLookUpComboBox on the form which is handled in the same way but links back to a string field, and this works.

Any ideas?

I suspect it is because this boolean field doesn't return 'T' and 'F' as text values for the field.
Can you try to change in WEBLib.DBCtrls.pas in TDBLookupComboBox.DataChange(Sender: TObject);

Value := FDataLink.Field.AsString;


Value := FDataLink.Field.DisplayText;

to see if this helps?

sorry, didn't try this. I just converted it to be a string field