Twitter broken since 18th July

Something has changed (lets blame Elon Musk?)
since 18th July
Tweets no longer work (what is the logging events log file name called/where located?)
latest version ? of AdvTwitter1
is there a more recent version? (FNC version even?)


Thank you for notifying. We are aware of the issue.

Please note that the version of the Twitter API that TAdvTwitter is based on has been disabled and replaced with a new version. Unfortunately we have no control over this.
The new API version contains significant technical breaking changes as well as commercial changes (free use vs paid subscriptions model).

We are currently assessing the options to support the new Twitter API version in TMS FNC Cloud Pack.

When logging is enabled (Logging set to True and LogLevel to llDetail) the log file is generated automatically in the Documents folder. The default name is TAdvTwitter.log.

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