TAdvTwitter.GetStatusesInt api version

I noticed something strange while working on an application that connects to Twitter:

For my own account, everything works fine. I can authorize and then read my timeline.

However, testing with another account always gave 0 tweets in the timeline, even while there are tweets and the user is authorized.

I then changed the API url so that it uses version 1.1 instead of 1:


and then it works, both for my own account and for the account that didn't work with version 1.1.

Is there an explanation for this behaviour?

We are not aware of any issues at this time.

The TAdvTwitter control is using API version 1.1 as the 1.0 version has been deprecated by Twitter.

Have you tried this with different Twitter accounts besides your own account and did the problem happen with all accounts or just this one account?
Have you running your application on different machines?