VLC CloudPack v4.2.2.1 - ADVTwitter not working at all

ADVTwitter is not working at all.

I saw in another post from July 23' that it was going to be added and updated for FNC Cloud Pack, but it is not supported there either.

What can i do?

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately the TAdvTwitter component is based on the Twitter v1 API which has been replaced by v2.

Currently we have not added support for v2 for the following reasons:
The Twitter API v2 introduces numerous breaking changes which would require an almost complete rewrite of the component.
Another important change is the introduction of a paywall to use the API for anything other than the very basic functionality.

Can you please specify which functionality from the Twitter API you are planning to use?

Hi Bart,

We based our Social Media Plugin on Twitter and Facebook components. We know that Facebook restricts almost all endpoints, so we understand that it is no longer supported.

With AdvTwitter, we query for account tweets and have also modified the sources to get tweets by hashtag.

If you can add just these functionalities, it would be awesome for us.

Thanks in advance.

Sadly, Twitter decided these features are now also behind a paywall, making it much less attractive overall to offer these to Delphi users. We regret all these new restrictions to API usage.