TWedgeItem description font color when hovering

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i would like to know if there is any way to modify description font color of the TWedgeItem on runtime.

i tried this but it does not work at all:

procedure TframeMainMenu.AppMenuItemAppearance(Sender: TObject;
  Item: TCustomItem; Appearance: TItemAppearance);
 Appearance.NormalFont.Color := clWhite;
 Appearance.DownFont.Color := clBlack;
 Appearance.HoverFont.Color := clBlack;
 Appearance.SelectedFont.Color := clBlack;
 Appearance.DisabledFont.Color := clSilver;

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You can change it with WedgeItem.DescriptionColor:TColor

But when hovering that does not work ... for the normal mode it works but not for hovering, selected etc. ... see images attatched 

Sorry .... wrong URL ... here is the right one


From a screenshot it is difficult to tell what is going on, please send an email to with a link to this forum, and a sample project that demonstrates the issue, so we can investigate exactly what is going wrong.