TADVRichTextEditor demo

I do have a problem with the font selector in the format toolbar attached to the rich editor

I make use of the TMS created demo "DockPanel\AdvRichEditorDockPanelDemo.dproj"
Apparently, when I open the font selector, all the various font names are available. However, when the mouse hits a selected font name, the selected font name appears in a way it's very difficult to read.

The font color is white, and the background is white/lightgray (gradient)

I can't find the property where I can alter the color of the mouse-selected font name.
I have made a screenshot on the problem Where can I upload it?


Anders Balslev

ITQ Consult

I cannot reproduce an issue here.
Is this the latest version you are using?

You can use a tool like https://snipboard.io/ to create a web image and share the link here

The image can be found here:



Anders Balslev

Thanks for reporting.
We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.