TWebUpdateWizard Restart


I am using UpdateBuilder to create a cab file. At the end of the update the wizard shows the restart button and on clicking that a confirmation dialog is shown with the message "Shutdown application to update executable files".

I do not want both to appear. In UpdateBulder on the Global Settings Application tab there is a check box "Do not prompt for shutdown of application". If I check this than when running neither the restart button or the dialog appears. How can I get the restart button in the wizard to be visable but not the confirmation dialog?



Did you try to set WebUpdate.UpdateUpdate wuuSilent?

I tried that before. It makes no difference. The dialog is still shown.

Did you turn off the prompt for restarting from the UpdateBuilder app

In my original post I stated that I had tried this but when this is set neither the restart button or the dialog is shown.

There is at this moment not a way to have the restart button and no restart message.
Either there is a silent restart (i.e. no button / no message) or a non-silent restart, i.e. restart button and restart message.

Will you be fixing this?

It is not a bug.

The message is rather "Will you be adding this feature".

The answer is: we put it on the todolist for consideration for a future release when we start a new development cycle on TWebUpdate.

Seems like a bug to me but one man's bug is anothet man's new feature :slight_smile:

There are two ways around this:

  1. Assign a TWebUpdate.OnAppRestart an set Allow to true.

  2. Replace line 5055 in WUpdate.pas:
    // if not FSilentRestart then
    if (not FSilentRestart) and (UpdateUpdate <> wuuSilent) then

As I mentioned, we will consider adding a capability to control this. We do not plan to do a change that will break existing expected behavior other customers might have been used to for years already.