WebUpdate - program name & TMS info in UAC Dialog & question about silentrestart

When using WebUpdate activates this UAC dialog, the app name is "Web Updater", and below it shows TMSSoftware info. Is there any way to customize this?


Another question: When using silentrestart=1, it suppresses not only the TWebUpdate dialog that confirms restart, but also omits the TWebUpdateWizard last page, that has a Restart button.
Is there anyway to show the wizard's last page and step over just that extra dialog popup ?

Neither setting AutoRestart nor changing UpdateUpdate to wuuSilent made any difference.


  1. You would need to self-sign the updater. If you have such self-signing certificate, ask by direct email the kit to do this.
  2. At this moment, there is unfortunately not a built-in possibility to have a silent restart but still this restart page.