WebUpdateWizard displays MessageDlg for restart


I'm using the TWebUpdateWizard Component to automatically update my application. I have observed an odd behaviour. The wizard asks to confirm that the application will be restarted and then a MessageDlg appears with an English message: Shutdown application to update executable files ?
Is there a way to get rid of the MessageDlg? (I traced to that MessageDlg in the source code of wupdate - line 4269 and it doesn't seem that there is any way to suppress that message). The only way to get rid of the MessageDlg is to state silentrestart=1 in the [application] section of the .inf file. I think that this Message should be suppressed when WebUpdateWizard is used.

Or am I missing an option?

Please advise...

The option to remove this message dialog is indeed through the .INI file with the silentrestart setting under [application]. There is currently not another setting for this.

ok, then I have not overlooked anything there. Thanks for clarifying.

I think it would be worth while to be able to suppress this Message Dialog when the wizard is used, because the wizard already provides a dialog for that situation. I have also noticed that the Message Dialog Message is in English and I have not found a way to provide the message in a different language.
Is there an easy way to provide that message in a different language?

This is explained on the tips & faq page: