TWebUpdate - how to suppress the restart message

I am using TWebUpdate with the wizard. - both very good products!
When it reaches the end of the update the TWebUpdateWizard correctly shows a message along the lines of 'Press restart to start the updated application'.

When the button is presses however, TwebUpdate then asks the same thing again, along the lines of  'shut down running applicaton to upgrade?'

This looks odd to the user.
How can I stop TWebUpdate showing this confiormation message (or perhaps alter the text of it) ?


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That's true in all points. How can we suppress the second demand?

Did you set WebUpdate.UpdateUpdate = wuuSilent

No, but no change with wuuSilent set.

Did you set in the web update control .INF file in the [application] section:

silentrestart = 1


See page 12 of the PDF developers guide:

Thank's Bruno!