TWebUpdate - local file version check

As it stands, TWebUpdate uses the LocalVersion string in the Update section of the .INI file to use when working out the current version - this has caused a little problem when the application running isn't named the same as the file in the LocalVersion string.

I've manually changed the line that does this to use Application.ExeName instead (it's line 2967 of WUPdate.pas) but it'd be nice if this could be officially changed so that the current version returned is always the running exe and not that of a (possibly non-existent) file in the ini.

It is by design that the file against which the version check is performed is specified in the .INF file.Some users rely on this specifically to be able to specify another filename than the EXE file, so we can't really change this functionality. I'd suggest to write the same name as the EXE file under localversion if you need it to be based on the EXE itself.