Check update with TWebUpdate


I try to use TWebUpdate component only to detect, via HTTP, if a new version is available for download. My generated .INF file look like this:

My test app work OK i.e. is able to detect that exists a "new version" using the WebUpdate1.NewVersionAvailable function and a correct generated and uploaded .INF file. My problem is:
How I can to read & compare the "new version" with the "current version" ?
I'm not sure that I understood how work the TWebUpdate VCL component. Where is stored the "current version"?
I'm able to read (from the .INF generated file located on the web) the date and the time? How ?
I need to keep myself in my app those info or those info are stored somewhere (.ini or .inf file) by your component?
If I use only the WebUpdate1.NewVersionAvailable function then I have the answer True for each trial.


In my current project I read the current version number with a TExeInfo component (under TMS System).

The new version number is stored in the WebUpdate control file so i read it in this way:

in the WebUpdate.OnStatus event I wrote:

// Reading again the ControlFile sucks but it is the only way to read the new version number

IniFile := TIniFile.Create(ControlFilename);

NewVersionNumber := IniFile.ReadString('file1', 'newversion', '');


Actually this is not the entire event procedure, obviously I posted only the relevant part