TWebPageControl tab selection

  1. In Web Core VSC I placed a TWebPageControl component onto a page but am unable to select the tabs and switch to tab at Design-Time.

Note, I have tested same in Delphi IDE and it works as expected.

  1. How to hide the tabs

  2. How to access tab by tab name?

Yes, in VSC is still pending implement the functionality that allows you to interact with controls in that specific way, that is, filtering events so the control can detect and process them. In the meantime, you can use the TabIndex property at design-time to change the active page.


Ok, I can write some small functions for item 3.

My main concern is Item #1 in my post, the ability to select the Header and work with its associated TabSheet

Also, how can I programmatically hide the header (Item #2)?

Good day, clicking on Tabs in VSC does not work. This is a basic functionality in order to work on the Tabs. Any guidance on how to do this?

Do you mean the TabSheet Tabs? At runtime or design-time? At design time already replied that you can use the Tab Index property to switch between them. Sorry if I didn't understood properly.

At Design-time.


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