TWebpageControl Tabsheets

I've seen past topics on this but been unable to solve this or find any sample code. I can't get the tabsheets to integrate with the HTML tabs. Seems like it should be straight forward. Thanks in advance

I'm not sure what you try to achieve. You want this HTML to be hosted in a WebPageControl tab? Something else?

Yes but I can't figure out how to make Webpagecontrol control the 3 tabs (menu1, menu2, menu3). I set the element ID for webpagecontrol to the span ID (pagecontrol) and the element Id in the tabsheets to Menu1, menu2, menu3 following the documentation as I try to understand it. I also added the width and height to the container class as I also saw that was required.

You can map this control on the outer span, in which the control will generate sheets itself. There is not a mapping of HTML to sheets at this moment.