WebPageControl does not work properly in VSC

I develop a web based application for labelling. When I place a WebPageControl in RAD studio environment the WebPageControl works properly. If I use the PageControl in VSC environment I can not add a tabSheet.
Is it a fault in the Component or my fault?
I updated today to WebCore VSC 1.3 today but still the same result.

Select the TWebPageControl and select a TWebTabsheet from the tool palette to add to it.

Sorry for delay.
I checked this. You're right. But when I start a project in WebCore in RAD with a page control and open it in WebCore VSC it doesn't work the same way in VSC.
That means I have to decide which development to chose before I start a project. Right?
Is the development of WebCore VSC intended to be 100% kompatible to RAD environment in a near future?
brgds. alex.

What exact difference do you see except a slight difference in the way to add it at design-time that shouldn't matter or make a difference at runtime?

In RAD WebCore I can use just a PageControl component and add tabsheets by just right-click the PageControl. I can move from tabsheet to tabsheet within the form and place entryfields etc. onto the sheets.
Yesterday I tried to do as you told me in VSC by adding tabsheets not by a rightclik which is not available but by adding tabsheet-components to the PageControl. Adding the tabsheets to the pagecontrol works fine. but placing entryfield onto the different tabsheets I found not possible. A tabsheet can be only selected by the structure list. When I got an entryfield onto a certain tabsheet I was not able to moe it using the mouse. Only by entering left and top values in the component properties of the entryfields. In runtime the entryfields of the different tabsheets are not accessible.
In the bottomline I feel entitled to regard the PageControl in VSC as not usable at the moment. For my needs the PageControl is one of the most important component especially when you have complex data to handel.
I'm looking forward to having a proper PageControl in the next release of the VSC coponent of WebCore.

Nevertheless I have to thank you and the whole team of TMS for the hard work you have invested in the WebCore Projekt. It's a great help for an IT-Oldie like me to get a bridge into WebProgramming in the way we are used to have with the ease of Delphi. :+1:

Please, check this video. You just need to change the TabIndex property manually, so the components you drop in the PageControl, will be placed on the proper tabsheet:


Thanks José,
I was pretty pampered by the convenience of the WebCore RAD environment and did not find the procedure shown in your video. Thank you very much. The video should be placed in YouTube for everybody. ;-)