WebPageControl not changing pages (design time)

I discovered that the webpagecontrol at design time does not change pages. It never changed pages by clicking on the tabs as it works in delphi, but it did when changing the pageindex property.
Am working with VSC Webcore 1.9.85543.

The actual project that am working on is kind of complex, so I decided to test just to see if it fails with a simple project, and it failed indeed.
Made a two page webpagecontrol, and it stays on page 0 no matter what I do. It changes the color of the tab when I change the tabindex property, but it does not show the content of the selected page.
To illustrate the problem, on the webpagecontrol in the attached screenshot I selected tabindex = 1. It should show the contents of sheet2, but it stays on sheet1 forever.
I clicked the label contained under sheet2 on the component treeview side, and it highlights the component "under" but can not drag it or view it at design time. I can change properties but with a real project that has dozens of components into different webtabsheets is almost impossible to maintain my ongoing application.
They do change at runtime, but am finding very hard to change component location, add new components, and other tasks that are intuitive when you can see what you are doing directly on screen.

We have seen an issue now and we're investigating

Great, thank you.

May I add a wish to the list?
It would really be nice if we can switch pages in the page control by just clicking on the tab, just like it has been in delphi since the beginning on the VCL web page controls.

Yes, that is highly desirable. It isn't trivial to handle at design-time though. But we investigate ways to achieve this.

Just wondering how the fix for the WebPageControl not changing pages at design time is going... Sadly my project use plenty of that component, this issue makes any change almost impossible.

This was fixed already internally. The next update will have this fix.