TWebMultimediaPlayer malformed autoplay attribute fails in FireFox and Edge

I have an audio tag like this in my Unit HTML file:

<audio id="MMPCamClick"></audio>

This is linked to a TWebMultimediaPlayer for which in the objectinspector the property AutoPlay is set to false. At runtime, the audio tag is changed to this:

<audio id="MMPCamClick" controls="" autoplay="false" muted="false" volume="1,00" src="res/CamClick.wav" tabindex="1" style="display: none;"></audio>

I am by far not an HTML expert, but as far as I understand from here, audio tag attributes like autoplay, muted etc. either have to exist, which means they are active, or they should be absent, which means they are not active.

While Chrome and Opera seem to interpret autoplay="false" as what it reads, FireFox and Edge seem to, according to the books, disregard the ="false" portion and autoplay the sound file on initial app start, which is not wanted.

How to prevent autoplay="false" being rendered into the page when actually nothing should be rendered in case of property AutoPlay being set to False?

Thank you, kind regards, Walter

We did the enhancement to remove the attribute when it is not set.
This enhancement will be in the next update.

Perfect, thank you!