TWebMultimediaPlayer oncontextmenu="return false;"


How to assign oncontextmenu="return false;" for TWebMultimediaPlayer to disable context menu ?
I need to "secure" videos so that those cannot be saved directly from player.

Thanks for help.

Quick solution, add the code:

WebMultimediaPlayer1.ElementHandle['oncontextmenu'] := 'return false';

We'll look if we can add a property to control this

Thanks about advice.
It works fine, but I still have another problem.
How to disable download under controls as setting controlslist:nodownload;

Thanks for help.

I'm confused, what exactly you mean with "download under controls as setting controlslist:nodownload;" ?

Hi I mean that download.
In html it can be disabled with controlslist:nodownload, but how can I do it TWebMultimediaPlayer ?



it's not working, but it helped me to find the answer.
It can be done with

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