Problems with TWebMultimediaplayer on iPad

Using Web Core for Delphi 11.2., I have some problems with playing parts of .wav files on iPad.
I think this is not a web core - specific problem, but maybe someone has any hints or ideas...

(Background info: I port an educational software from FMX to the web, and in that specific case I have some .wav files which have a length of 30..60 seconds each, and have many spoken words in them which should be played separately, and so I have to play parts of the .wav file, for example from second 1.820 to 2.430. I do this by setting .currenttime to the starting point, and execute .play, and then check by a timer if the ending time is reached and then execute .pause.)

Problem #1: The playback starts with a delay of .5 to 1 second, only on iPad (on the PC it's no delay).
I found several posts on stackoverflow which described this problem, but none of the suggested solutions worked so far.

Problem #2: Only on the iPad, some parts are not correctly played. That means, the play begins 100 or 200 msecs to late in the file, so the word isn't spoken completely.

I tried converting from the original .wav files to 128kb/s-mp3 files and also to m4a files, but that didn't help.

Any ideas or hints for this weird problems?

I have no experience with TWebMultimediaPlayer, but I did tinker with the Web Audio API a little, and found that it worked well for this kind of thing. Here's a blog post that shows how to build a simple audio track editor. There's a live example link at the end, which works as expected on an iPad.

Thank you very much. I will have a close look at your blog posts and audio libraries.