Play File .OGG with TTMSFNCEdgeWebBrowser

Good morning,
My application interfaces with TWILLIO regarding WhatsApp service.

When a vocal message comes in twillio provides me with the url where I can go to get it.

If I pass this url to TTMSFNCEdgeWebBrowser I can also listen to it.

When I do the download I get a file in .OGG format.

After some days I wanted listen again the message but I cant' access in TWILLIO with the same url becouse the massage is deleted.

I would like use the TTMSFNCEdgeWebBrowser to listen it again by passing as URL like 'file://C:\VocalFile.ogg'

TTMSFNCEdgeWebBrowser recognizes the type of the file because the Audio Player controls open up however they are disabled.


AllowFocus := true
Enable := true

How can I do ?


We have tested a couple of audio files and could play them. Please provide a sample file for testing purposes.

Good morning, I was able to verify that that file they gave me to do the tests was not an ogg type file and that was the reason why I had from the browser this behavior. So this question is resolved.

I take this opportunity to ask a couple of questions:

  1. when I pass the URL to the broser this file automatically autoplays. I would like it not to start automatically but for the operator to choose with the mouse to start listening to the spoken voice

  2. Is there a possibility to intervene from program on the commands ( play, pause and mute ) of the vowel ? I would like to be able to pause or start listening to the vowel under certain conditions


Because you are loading the file as-is, the browser generates HTML/JavaScript and automatically starts playing, that's the default behavior. The video tag automatically adds "autoplay". If you want to deviate from that, you will need to construct HTML/JavaScript yourself, save it to a file and and use that file as a reference instead.

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
    <video controls name="media">
	  <source src="file:///C:/Users/MyUser/MyFiles/Median_test.ogg" type="audio/ogg">

ok thanks,
With your component TTMSFNCWXAudioPlayer would I have more control of the file ?
can I play .OGG file with TTMSFNCWXAudioPlayer ?

I don't have the subscription for that component and I can't install the free version because it conflicts with some .blp I have in my environment.

can u tell me if I can resolve my issue with this component ?



The TTMSFNCWXAudioPlayer is an embedded browser that utilizes the HTML audio tag. It has an AutoPlay property that is disabled by default so the first part would be resolved with it.

As for the second part, it has Play and Pause methods to start and stop a loaded audio file. You can mute the audio by setting the Muted property to True (or by setting the Volume property to 0).

It also has OnPlay, OnPause and OnVolumeChange to detect changes.