twebdbmaskedit still not working as expected

There was a bug in 1.6.2 when twebdbmaskedit was not allowing to enter / clear data in the box properly. Now in 1.7.0 i can enter the data but it doesn't get saved when I use the mask. Looks like it doesn't go to the dataset field. When I remove the mask it works - saves in the dataset / database.

I cannot reproduce this.
Was retested with the Demo\Basics\DataSet demo where TWebDBMaskEdit was added with mask to edit field Length__cm and this worked to update the DB field in the dataset.
If a problem persists, please provide a sample source app with which this can be reproduced.

Strange. It doesn't work for me. I tried with your demo. The edit mask is 00000;0;_
First image shows the form with data entered. Second after moving cursor to a different field ( when it supposed to update the spinedit). Third after clicking the post button.

If you are still not able to see the issue i will try to create an application.

And here is what happens when i update the spinedit and move the cursor out of it:

And I checked to see if i am using the 1.7.0 libraries. The showclose property is there. So it is 1.7.0