TWebMaskEdit not working

using TWebMaskEdit in a web core form seems to work ok. there still are some keystrokes that don't work quite right - like the backspace key. but overall you can enter and read the data. when I have the field linked to an input field in an html template, it stops working and behaves like it was reported in previous posts.

I am using Web Core ver with Sydney 10.4 Update 2.

Am i missing some setting or not linking to the proper html field?


I assume you link to a HTML INPUT element?
Is there anything specific to this HTML INPUT element? I retested this here with:

<input type="edit" id="edt"></input>

but could not see a problem with some test masks , like a numeric mask.

Thanks Bruno.

I had type="text" for the html element. It marginally works once I changed it to type="edit". It accepts the correct keystrokes and provides the correct EditText value. But the arrow, backspace and delete keys do not work. It will delete the text if I select it with the mouse then press backspace or delete key. I believe I saw the same behavior when the maskedit was not tied to an html element.