Twebdbmaskedit readonly

What can be the reason that twebdbmaskedit control on my form is not editable. Twebdbedit connected to the same data source and same field works fine.

At design time the ENABLED property is TRUE but at run time it goes to FALSE;

Is it connected to an editable DB field?

Yes it is. It was a TWebDBEdit before then i changed it to TWebDBMaskEdit.
When i put both on the form i can modify the field using TWebDBEdit and i see the modified data in TWebDBMaskEdit.

Thanks for reporting.
We traced & solved this issue.
The next update will address this.

Thank you
One more thing I noticed while testing the twebmaskedit. It doesn’t follow the mask rules when to type. Like when you pick the social security mask and then try to enter the number at run time. Maybe the same thing will happen to twebdbmaskedit. Can you check please.

Thank you

What browser do you use?
What exactly happens?

I am using Chrome. I cannot recreate the issue when i am typing in but after entering the data in the edit box i cannot remove the digits using 'bactspace'. I can do it with 'del' button but i need to clcik/highlight each digit separately ad then click delete and after 3-4 digits it just stops deleting.
This is the number entered : image
This is what i could get trying to delete the digits:image And one more question : if i uncheck 'save literal characters' for the mask edit and save just the number in the database it is not parsing it when i assign the number from the field to the maskedit text property. Is this how it should work?

We have applied improvements that will be included in the next update.

Thank you