AdvDBMaskEdit usage

I have a form where I want to have the user input a money amount, a zip code and a telephone number.

Using DBAdvEdit with etMoney does not allow decimal places, so I am trying to use the MaskEdit.  I have tried the edit mask !999999.99;1;_ which results in a mask of . which is OK.  But it you tab to the field and enter 12.16 it shows on the form as 12__.16

What would be the correct edit mask to use for a 2 decimal field, so that entering 12.16 would display 12.16 instead of 12______.16?

The DBAdvEdit with etMoney does not show anything other than 12 when you try to enter 12.16 and I see no property for decimals.  It also truncates the display of the underlying values.  If an amount of 234.66 is in the database field, it displays 234 only.

The underlying database field is defined as Numeric(8,2), Microsoft SQL.

The zip and telephone allow good entry with the mask edit, but if there is improperly formatted data in the database, it throws an error.  In particular, a phone field was entered as 0.0.  After the error (under the IDE) it displays as a blank rather than the true data.

Never mind.  I overlooked the Precision option for the edit using etMoney.