FNCGrid questions

Hi, I want use I would like to use FNCgrid for some projects in TMS WebCore. But there are some shortcomings that prevent me from using it professionally. First of all, is it possible that a grid that is also created for the web does not have import/export from JSON? Really strange.
It is possible to have editors to do filters/searches directly in the headers (or under them) so that the user can insert the string of the data searched for (and therefore create the right query to fill the grid) or to do the locate on the searched record? This is now the standard for all grids on the market (devextreme, Jqxgrid, etc)
It is possible, when we have a databaseAdapter, to obtain calculated fields in the footer (sum, etc?).
These are basic features necessary to be able to use FNCGrid "intensively" in TMS Web Core.
Thanks in advance!


The JSON methods for saving and loading are not immediately related to importing data, they are automatically available to persist component properties. In WEB, we cannot load directly from a file, therefore this has been excluded. Loading from CSV for example should be included.

It's not possible to include search / edit boxes in the filter area. You will need to manually add edits outside of the grid and map it on the dataset. When filtering the dataset, this should then reflect in the grid.

When using LoadAllDataAndDisconnect, you can do all operations such as filtering & calculated fields. Unfortunately it's not possible with an active connection. We are however aware that this limitation exists and we are looking for a way to improve this.

Hi Pieter,
I think that the Json format should instead be the "preferred" format for feeding (filling) a grid on the web, to conform with the format of the data already used by other components on the web or to fill the grid from an Xdata service or other without going through for the dataset.
Furthermore, if I use a dataset, I cannot have totals while the user is imputing data for his crud (on dataset). Basically you're telling me to necessarily use external JS components to get a decent grid.
I would like help in using your "native" components on the web to obtain powerful web applications, but there are no conditions for this at this moment.
I have desktop applications developed with DevExpress and all its power on grids, and I need to bring a little of that potential back to the web.
I will continue to test, but we are not ready for production yet if I have to use only your components.
Good work

TWebTableControl has the method LoadFromJSON()