TTMSFNCRichEditorEditToolBar: empty buttons

TMS FNC UI Pack v5.0.0.2
When I place the RichEditorEditToolBar (version or RichEditorFormatToolBar (version component on a panel, all the buttons are blank with no icon image
What can I do?

If you have both TMS VCL UI Pack & TMS FNC UI Pack installed, SVG is conflicting. You can workaround this by adding AdvTypes to the uses list of your project so they are properly loaded at runtime. We are currently investigating a solution.

I assume AdvTypes are part of VCL UI Pack. I just installed the FNC UI Pack. Is there another possibility?

Do you have any other third party tools installed that have an SVG registration mechanism?

Not that I know of.
FireDAC, UniDAC, EasyMAPI, QuickReport, RAPWare
Can I look it up somewhere?

Did you install Skia or any other image or graphics library ? You can take a look at the installed components.