TAdvSVGImageCollection and TAdvToolBarButton


I have a strange issue with TAdvSVGImageCollection and TAdvToolBarButton. The images are not visible. No styler on tolbar, buttons are created with right click and "Add button", just added Action to the button.

Actions have added TVirtualImageList, conencted to TAdvSVGImageCollection, everything seems OK.

In design time:


I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, could you please give any hint..? :)

I've been also playing with VirtualImageList properties, no change - current settings are:


If you have both TMS FNC Core & TMS VCL UI Pack installed, it could be possible that the designtime class is TAdvSVGBitmap or TTMSFNCSVGBitmap and then at runtime, the unit is not available that register the correct type. So, check the units list and add both VCL.TMSFNCTypes and AdvTypes. If it's still white, then you will need to reverse the order (AdvTypes, then VCL.TMSFNCTypes)

It's probably related, I installed Core yesterday

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