TTMSFNCPlanner sluggish selecting cellrange


TTMSFNCPlanner seems sluggish for us when selecting a range of cells in the planner.
When selecting a range you need to click on a cell, keep the mouse button down for a while and then drag the range
The behaviour is the same on the demo application provided by you

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Under which circumstances, operating system, framework?

Windows 10 and 11, VCL/FNC framework
No special circumstances, just launching the Planner demo application in Delphi or not, doesn't matter.
There is a small delay from clicking on a cell until you can drag/select a range of cells (the first cell turns light blue), that is what our users reports as "sluggish"

The behavior is by design, the range selection is triggered only after holding the mouse button (or finger) down briefly do distinguish between touch scrolling & selection. If you don't want this, please turn off touch scrolling:

TMSFNCPlanner1.Interaction.TouchScrolling := False;

The selection should then be instant, but you won't be able to scroll via mouse or finger directly in the planner cells area, instead you'll have to use the scrollbar, or keyboard to navigate