FNCPlanner time range selection is a little too sensitive

I've changed the DownCount from 100 to 200 in Android and it has helped a little.

By changing the DOWNCount you have to hold you finger a little longer on the starttime before it does the select, which is a good thing. You should have a slight delay when selecting a range just to prove that is what you really want to do. Before if you clicked it would select a range and present the dialog, which is not optimal and somewhat annoying.

Here is the issue.

I can use my finger to select a range of times, say from 9:00AM to 9:45. When I let my finger up and the OnSelectTime is fired indicating the range. This is good.

But say that is not the range you really wanted. If you click outside of this range because that is not what you wanted, the OnSelectTime immediately fires from the area you selected. All I wanted was to deselect the range, not select a new one. By requiring a long click to start any range/time select it will stop you from inadvertently selecting ranges you really didn't want.

So say all I want is one 15 minute range to select. I want to be able to select that range not with a single click, but with a long MouseDown on the start of the selection. I looked at the code to see if I could add this myself, but it's kind of messy in there.


This is something that will require significant amount of work, we'll have to see if its feasible to add this behavior. We have added this on our feature request list. The dialog that is popped up allows changing the time and resource after selection so this is an alternative way to edit the initial wrong selection.

Thanks, but it's that additional unwanted dialog that I have problems with. I can't really use the built in editors anyway since they don't fit what I need to do.