Scrolling in TTMSFMXPlanner

I find it very difficult to navigate in the TMSFMXPlanner in day mode using touch.

I can't securely distinguish between scrolling the planner and range selection. The documentation says:
"On mobile operating systems, tapping and holding the finger down will start a range selection."

found that this is not quite true. The range selection doens't start
after a long tap, it starts immediately after a normal tap which should
start scrolling. Sometimes scrolling starts after a short tap, but in
most cases i can only scroll using the scrollbar which is very narrow.

Is there a possibility that the user can clearly distinguish between these actions:
- wiping up and down does a scrolling onf the planner.
- a long tap and then wiping  does a range selection.

In my tests here, the behavior matches the description. Immediate touch & move will scroll the Planner. A long tap followed by move will start a selection. There are at this time no settings to control timings of this.

If you see a different behavior:
1) do you use the latest version?
2) what Delphi version do you use?
3) what mobile device & software version do you use?

  1. Now I use the latest Version (FMXPack, Planner It
    seems to be a bit better with this version. Until yesterday I used V But sometimes a short tap and moving still starts a range
    2) 10.2 Tokyo with Android Patch
    3) I testet it on a Samsung S3 Mini with Android 4.2.2 an on a Huawei Tablet with Android 7

I now have it running on an iPhone 5 with iOS 9. There it works as it should be, but on Android devices only sometimes.

We haven't seen an issue on Android so far and didn't get a similar problem reports from other users regarding the TTMSFMXPlanner.

It is unclear what might be causing the issue on Android. We'll look to retest here. If you have meanwhile further details that could help us find the problem, please send these (by email).