I am using the following but is not working in conjunction with a bitmap container. Is my usage correct?



<FONT face="Helvetica" size="18">
<LI type="image" name="Bullet"> Sub list item A
<LI type="image" name="Bullet"> Sub list item B

The BitmapContainer image reference needs to be used in an <IMG src="...."> tag.

I'm sorry but I still don't understand how to use this. Your Mini HTML web page quotes:

LI : list item
<LI [type="specifier"] [color="color"] [name="imagename"]> : new list item
specifier can be "square" or "circle" or "image" bullet color sets the color of the square or circle bullet imagename sets the PictureContainer image name for image to use as bullet

In FNC, this bullet list item customization is not possible.