TTMSFNCBitmapContainer to TWebSpeedButton.Glyph

How to assign a bitmap in a container to a speedbutton glyph ? I'm trying btGoMenuProd.Glyph.Bitmap:=bmpContainer.Items[3].Bitmap; but say me Glyph.Bitmap not exists !!!


TWebSpeedButton.Glyph is of the type TURLPicture. It is not compatible with the BitmapContainer bitmap.
We will need to investigate whether we can override the Assign() to make it also work with BitmapContainer bitmaps.

using another images container i can do this? or i must only load picture by file/url ?

There is at this moment not another image container

ok BUT btGoRiepConf.Glyph.LoadFromURL('./images/Ok.png'); say me LoadFromURL identifier not found. How solve ?