When entering a URL into the text it cannot be clicked on and there fore doesn't action. In fact no text can be selected.



I do not understand what you mean.

I added this text to the TTMSFNCHTMLText:
TTMSFNCHTMLText with a <A href="">link</A>
and the link is clickable and it does open our web page from the browser.

I can't replicate it in a simple example. I will have to do more testing and get back to you.

Ok. Change the font size of the TTMSFNCHTMLText to 12.


We'll investigate exactly what is going wrong, please use the following workaround for setting the font-size on an URL:

  TMSFNCHTMLText1.Text := '<font size="24"><A href="">link</A></font>';
  TMSFNCHTMLText1.AutoSize := True;

Thanks. Had already done that and works fine now.