TTMSFMXTableView periodically crash at desine time


I use RAD 10.3.1 Rio and create Delphi Multi-device application.
form have TTMSFMXTableView component

Periodically (after some time work without errors) IDE crash with error when I switch to form design editor:

Access violation at address 2798D654 in module 'TMSFMXPackPkgDXE12.bpl'. Read of address 0000000C.

[2798D654]{TMSFMXPackPkgDXE12.bpl} Fmx.Tmstableview.TTMSFMXTableViewItem.Shape + $20
[0FC8FB34]{fmx260.bpl  } FMX.Controls.TControl.Repaint (Line 3503, "FMX.Controls.pas" + 1) + $8
[0FD1D04B]{fmx260.bpl  } FMX.Types.AdjustClientRectAfterResize (Line 3368, "FMX.Types.pas" + 6) + $53
[50067E88]{rtl260.bpl  } System.@IntfClear (Line 38150, "System.pas" + 10) + $0
[0FD1D6EB]{fmx260.bpl  } FMX.Types.ArrangeControl (Line 3492, "FMX.Types.pas" + 67) + $14

TMSFMXPack version, recompiled and installed in IDE manually (autoistall crash also)
We'll investigate this issue here, but please note that we have reports of several RAD Studio RIO related issues. Embarcadero is currently working on a patch / update that should fix a long list of issues. We recommend to go back to RAD Studio Tokyo and await the next update of RAD Studio RIO. If the problem persists in RAD Studio Tokyo as well please provide step by step instructions on how to consistenly reproduce the error.

Alternatively, please also recreate the application in a new project to see if the the issue is solved.

10.3 contains many functions I need :( I can't go back to 10.2 :(

It's a new, clear project and application, created 1-2 days ago and have a minimal forms/controls

Now I try to use TMSGrid instead of TableView