TTMSFMXTableView: Issue with item visibility when scrolling on 11.3 and crash when using the search bar and scrolling.

Hello, I have two issues to bring to your attention.
I'm attaching an example project which presents both problems.

The first is related to v3.7.8.7 when used with C++ Builder 11.3, that is the items are not properly visualizzed/updated when you scroll to view items found beyond the last visible item.

The second problem is also present on previous versions of the component.
If you use the search box to filter the items the software will crash when you move beyond the last visuallized item and afterwords try moving before the absolute first item. You can see this happen if in the example project you type #4 in the search box then scroll down the item list beyond the last visible item and after move backwards till you reach again the absolute first item. If you try going one step before the first item the crash occurs.

Thanks for your attention. (58.6 KB)

Thank you for the sample. We have tried to reproduce this here but couldn't reproduce both issues. Please provide step by step instructions, or a screen capture video demonstrating the issue so we can reproduce it here.

Hello, please see the videos I have uploaded to this link

In the video I'm using the arrow keys to scroll the the items although using the mouse wheel gives the same result.

If you don't get the crash like in the second video you need to scroll beyond the bottom of the tableview more items and after scroll back to the top of the list.

I have the same problem - at least with scrolling.
If there are more items than fitting on the screen some the scrolling starts from the top again.
I tried it with the FNCTableView component and it works fine there.
So this issue is on the FMX version only.
Have tested it on different projects - same issue all the time.

We'll investigate this here as soon as time permits.

We have tried this again, but I'm not able to reproduce this issue with the TTMSFMXTableView. Did you install other third party tools that could interfere? Perhaps Skia?