Rio and c++ crashes on OSX

I've been struggling with Rio.  I've installed the 2 hot fixes and it
has the rsvars.bat fix. I installed FmxCloud 3.4 and FMX UI pack 3.7.   I create a new multidevice application in c++. 
The project runs on win32, win64 and osx.  I can drop in a TButton and
it still runs on all platforms.  If I drop in a TMSFMXGrid or a
TMSFMXCloudFlickr object, it runs on win32 and win64 but crashes during
startup on OSX with an EAcessViolation at address 4F9C5 accessing address 0


Can you try by turning off runtime packages?

I unchecked "Link with Runtime Packages" and combinations of :Link with dynamic RTL" and "Link with Delphi Runtime Library".  I get error [xlink.exe Error] Fatal: Error detected (REA2866)

We haven't received similar reports, so I suspect that this has something todo with your IDE/macOS setup. Can you create the component programmatically? Alternatively, right-click the component and select "Edit Custom Style", so a TStyleBook appears on the form, and then start the application with runtime packages unchecked.

Has anyone at tmssoftware actually tested a c++ program?


There are unfortunately a lot of issues with RAD Studio Rio in several area's, therefore we recommend to use Tokyo for development, we will investigate the issue and contact Embarcadero if this is needed, in order to find a solution.

Thanks. Firemonkey, OSX and c++ has never been reliable.  An unresolved tmssoftware issue is  I reported a related issue to Embarcadero which they recreated but haven't fixed.  Case # 00653101