TTMSFMXSpeedButton Alignment

When I put multiple TTMSFMXSpeedButtons in a TRectangleand align them to the left there is a margin all the way around the button of a few pixels. Is there any way of getting rid of this?


Did you set TMSFMXSpeedButton.Margins = (0,0,0,0) ?

Yes, there are no margins, etc.

I can't see incorrect behavior with default TTMSFMXSpeedButtons left aligned on a TRectangle

Only happens when you use a bitmap.

Soory, I pasted in an image but it is not showing.

Via quote you can add an image:

Edit the style of the TTMSFMXSpeedButton and for the text object in the speed button style, change the margins to 0,0,0,0

Thanks, but doing this didn't make any difference.

We have re-tested this but are still unable to reproduce this issue. Please provide a sample with which we are able to reproduce.