TMSFMXButton image


I'm trying to use the TTMSFMXButton control to build a simple FireMonkey desktop application.

Previously, I used custom styling to add a icon to my buttons but that really was agravating work: not only is the style editor of XE5 buggy, it's also almost as user unfriendly as possible, specially when you have a full theme loaded with hunderds of references.

Since "large button with a 80x80 icon on the left" is a recurring GUI control pattern in my app, I wanted to save myself some time and effort by using TTMSFMXButton instead.

Unfortunately, I can't get it to work properly: there seems to be no way to get the icon inside the button to display the way I want: changing the "ImageAligment" property to anything results in what looks like random result and the default just place a badly scaled, tiny icon on the left of the button.

How am I supposed to get this to work ? To I have to revert to editing the stylesheet yet again ? In this case, what's the point of this control ?


I forgot to add: I'm using XE5 (ent) and the "TMS Pack for FireMonkey" library version 2.5

The bitmap size was so far limited to 30pix.
We've now added a property to allow setting higher sizes. This will be available in the next update.

Thanks.Will that build also fix the weird behaviorwhen you change the ImageAlign property ?

I can't see a problem for the most common use of ImageAlign that make sense in such button, i.e. alLeft and alRight.