FMX Speedbutton image issue

I'm using tms speedbuttons with images from a tms image container. When compiled for Android, the speedbuttons are shown as expected but when compiling for Windows (32 and 64), all images on the speedbuttons disappear, but the buttons themselves are there and can be clicked. Any idea on what kind of issue it is?
Thanks a lot

We couldn't see an issue here. Is the ShowImage property true?

Yes, it is properly set and when compiled and opened on an Android device, the icon is visible. It is not visible on Windows

Can you set ShowImage to true at runtime?

I did set ShowImage set to true at runtime in the form creation and even on the buttons OnClick itself, but it didn't work. But I have found a possible reason. When I do not apply any style on the Speedbutton I have the issue but when I create a custom style for the Speedbutton, then the icon is shown also on Windows. On Android it works still without the style. For my case, the issue is resolved! Thanks for your help!

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